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Aalto simplifies your entire selling process by connecting homeowners directly with potential buyers.

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    "Modernizing the process of buying a home."

    "Putting the customer first."


    "Buying a home should be a fun and enjoyable experience."

    "Connects buyers directly with sellers."


    Create your home profile in minutes

    Aalto’s self-service platform helps you explore the market for your home in minutes with no contract or commitment.

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    Test the market with no commitment

    Aalto is built to help homeowners explore their sale. With no days on market or price history your home stays fresh in the eyes of buyers.

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    Sell anywhere, save up to 80% in fees

    When you’re ready, you can sell to a buyer on Aalto or distribute your home across the internet. Aalto’s self-service platform helps you maximize your profit no matter where you sell.

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    Hear from Aalto customers

    Full-time advisor

    Get help with the hard stuff

    Get advice and answers as you go, with a local, licensed expert to handle the hard stuff.

    • Virtual staging and prep
    • Market feedback on demand
    • Tour management
    • Paperwork & disclosures
    • Offer & transaction management

    Frequently asked questions


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    How does Aalto compare to traditional real estate?


    How much does Aalto cost for sellers?


    Who can see my home when it is on Aalto?


    Is Aalto a For Sale by Owner website?

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